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The Perfusor Basic Syringe Infusion Pump is a low-cost syringe delivery device with advanced features for safe, easy and reliable delivery of intermittent IV drug therapy. The Perfusor Basic achieves 3% accuracy while also providing simplicity in programming. The user simply indicates, in 2.5 minute increments, the period of time over which the infusion should be given: the pump does the rest. Features also include automatic syringe size detection, advanced alarm functions which detect potential infusion interruptions due to low batteries, occlusions and automatic infusion default of 30 minutes.

Mechanism: Lead Screw
Width: 14.6 cm (5.75 in)
Height: 24.8 cm (9.75 in)
Depth: 7.6 cm (3 in)
Weight: 0.9 kg (2 lbs) including batteries
Battery: 4 C-size Alkaline batteries
Battery Operating Time: Approximately 400 hours
Rate Range: 1.5 to 360 ml/hr depending on syringe size
Occlusion Pressure: 8.4 to 36.4 PSI
Accuracy: + - 3 % using BD 5-60 cc Plastipak syringes
Alarms: Occlusion, Delivery Time Set Out of Range for Syringe Size, Low Battery, Infusion Complete, Pump Malfunction
Tubing: Syringe pump extension sets and PVC-free fluid path microbore extension sets
Compatible Syringes: Becton Dickinson 3-60 cc Plastipak
Variable Infusion Duration: Over period of 10 to 60 minutes in 2.5 minute increments

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